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João Barkley

Designing is where passion, history, creativity, geometry and art collide in a dance of constellations.

I believe that everyone can have their dream space, where they feel part of it, by bouncing ideas, improving that which is imperfect and add that which is missing, and have fun with it

I offer a specialist stylising service, including the renovation of old structures or the enhancing of new structures. More recently my interest has moved to complete sustainable home designs, single dwellings residential or farm estates.

By creating a synergy between You and I, a flow of beautiful and innovating designs start emerging. I can only do this together with YOU.

Architecture turned into personalised design

I understand how important it is to have a home that connects with you and which is part of you.

Its my aim to combine your ideas with mine and to become your design mentor! I approach every project as if it is my own home or space and always try to exceed your expectations.

My varying project designs will show that I am not prone to any particular style or signature.

I pay careful attention to the needs and  preferences of my clients and connect to a culture, an era and/or a location with complete dedication to all aspects of the projects regardless of its size.

My Projects


Schmitz House

In order to optimise on the mountain views, additional window area was added on both floors so that the inside would embrace the outside- pure nature. The lighting is harmonious and inclusive. By creating these sensations and minimalizing the spaces giving each element of the building its own identity within a whole that is both complete in and of itself.

“João’s professional manner, her attention to detail, her creative talents and the absolute trust we had in her handling our funds, were critical elements to the success of the project.”


If I did it for them, I can do it for you. Ask me how

Cape Dream House

The volumetry of this object is pure and simple, consisting of a horizontal plane and mirrored walls, with endless personalized detail work to all spaces internally and externally; from audio rooms, medieval wine and champagne cellars with ceiling frescos, studies layouts to wall units, concrete fireplaces, dropped floating ceilings, designer lighting, indoor planters

“We were ecstatic with the end product and would and will always recommend you.”

If I did it for them, I can do it for you. Ask me how

Holmes House

It was the second project which arcinterior executed for Holmes, it felt like a continuation of style, flare, and relationship. Sleek French contemporary style, house Holmes epitomizes elegance, luxury, and great outdoor living.

If I did it for them, I can do it for you. Ask me how

Weihahn House

The minimalistic design embarked by arcinterior included a teak patio deck which extended out onto the beach with the intention to focus on all five senses: when the vast glass panels are open, one is instantaneously immersed in the sound and scent of the sea, captivated by the spectacular views.

If I did it for them, I can do it for you. Ask me how

Design Concepts

Roche Bobois – Paris


Hakim Mimoun

Conceptual Design

GameSHINE Studio

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