Who am I?

I’m Joao and I am an entrepreneur and founder of arcinterior and  joaobarkleydesigns which delivers exterior and interior conceptual designs.



I was born in Mozambique, was schooled in Lisbon-Portugal, earned a Professional Bachelor’s degree in Architecture, a Diploma in Interior Design in Johannesburg-South Africa , a Teaching Certificate and a Certificate in Coaching Performance / Professional Development in London-UK.

Following my graduation I started my architectural career in Johannesburg where I worked at several prominent architectural firms such JD Maresh Architects, Portal Partnership, CT Architects and in 1998 I founded ArcInterior. In the last 20 years I developed my skills in the luxury residential space, boutique hotel space – executing design work; selections of all finishes; project proposals and project management. I lived and worked in South Africa; Portugal; Turkey; Germany; Qatar and Australia.

I always remember having a passion for anything to do with art, whether painting, sculpture, clothing design. As a young child, I was at first fascinated by Egyptian art and thereafter by the creativity of Michaelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Salvador Dali, Picasso and Gustav Klimt.

At school, I dabbled in several media enjoying sculpture, watercolor, gauge, model making, tapestry, collage. My end of school Interrail trip, particularity around Italy triggered my appetite for architecture, which become the path I decided to follow.

I decided to focus on both interior and exterior architecture in new buildings, alterations or renovations, as my professional career. Since then I have enjoyed working with in various forms of art, undertaking commissions and executing projects for clients.


Depending on where I was living at the time, so I focused on different aspects of building design. From designing new buildings, furniture design, mechanical drawings to providing personalized interior architecture, alterations and renovations and project management services.

I thoroughly enjoy focusing on detailed work, so every detail is considered including the flow and vital connection between all materials.

Some examples of the results and effects of interesting and often subtle detailed work : These examples demonstrate that all spaces can have significance providing that all is observed and designed accordingly. It is, therefore, essential that all elements are carefully considered, selected and connected. For example; floor finishes, sanitary schedule, lights selection, electrical layout, joinery work, ironmongery, color pallets, ceiling details, and advise the landscaping. All of these create a flow between design within spaces, being contemporary, classical, and organic. They should ideally all work within their spaces, internally and externally.

This connection and flow are my absolute love. Above all, there must always be a “discussion piece”. Whether it’s a work of art, a wall design or a floor pattern, it must be a catalyst for discussion.

My varying project designs will show that I am not prone to any particular style/signature.

I pay careful attention to the needs and preferences of my Client and connect to a culture, an era and/or a location with complete dedication to all aspects of the projects regardless of its size.                                                                                                                         I have developed a keen interest in the philosophy of sustainable architecture. I have always made every effort to design gardens internally as part of the overall design, also internal herb growing facility. More recently my interest has moved to complete sustainable home designs, single dwelling residential or farm estates.

My  international work experience conveys a unique and diverse flare in my designs and concepts which is supported by her ability to establish a strong connection with her global clients.

I know the price of success: dedicationhard work, and an unremitting devotion  to the things you want to happen.” 
Frank Lloyd Wright

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