Concepts & Detailed Finishes

Be Beautiful Salon – Qatar

December, 2019

Enter a conceptualised salon with a modern, warm and lively atmosphere. With a soothing white and brown pallete, the salon will feature a variety of services, many of which you’ll be able to spot in the 3D visualisation.


Roda Beach Resort – Dubai

September, 2019

Employing the current layout of the pool area at the Roda Beach Resort on Kite Beach, we have created a visualization that includes comforting additions such as improved seating and shading as well as more vegetation to provide a more exotic appeal.


Pool Area – Nigeria

February, 2019

Be greeted by an outstanding porte-cochère and enjoy a refreshing sight of a pool which has all sorts of amenities. Whether you’re there to dine, sunbathe, play darts or table tennis, drink at the bar, or there of course to enjoy a fantastic cool swim, this pool area offers all sorts on top of a visually appealing style.


Lake Como House – Italy

February, 2019

Experience luxury with an assortment of concepts and designs for family homes whether large or small. Private cinema, an upstairs lunge, spacious cooking areas, and balconies to truly sit back and enjoy your home. 


Community Bank – Australia

January, 2019

With its headquarters located in Bendigo, Bendigo Bank is a community bank spread across Australia with 160 company branches and 900 outlets. As time progresses, so does the bank and so does its design. More welcoming entrances, more appealing waiting areas, and a greater number of offices for customer interaction are just some of the few concepts we implemented.


Terrace House – Australia

November, 2019

Even when space is limited to an apartment or Terrace, creativity and luxury can still thrive magnificently. In this quaint home, experience an internal layout of a small hotel with a variety of amenities.


Game Studio – Australia

September, 2019

Conceptualisation doesn’t stop at the residential side; it goes beyond to other sides, including the commercial. Have a look at our design for a Gaming development studio. For employees who spend their whole days by the computer, its essential to provide not just an ideal working space but a welcoming and warm one. Access to high grade computer labs, leisure areas, as well as consumables is greatly important to boost motivation. We don’t just consider what looks appealing but also what the needs of the people are.


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