Conceptual Design for GameSHINE Studio

A concept by definition is an abstract idea, a plan or intention to help sell or publicise a commodity.
Architectural concepts are the designers’ way of responding to a brief presented to them.
My assignment brief entitled a conceptual design for a Game Studio-GameSHINE Studio- at one of the Central Park areas.
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The first thing I do is ask several questions to the client and begin to research the industry. In this case, the client- GameSHINE, requested that I speak to Gamers and Game designers themselves and what their needs are.
I start brainstorming, keeping in mind the descriptive words given by the client, in this case, was: friendly, dynamic, fun, affordable, and homely.
I write down any idea that comes to mind and do sketches as it helps me retain the idea. I read through the main elements and requirements of the brief and consider how I would meet the requirements in regards to functionality, architectural space, and circulation.
I draw out diagrams of solutions and problems having always in mind my design philosophy that is the set of life values that I use to inform my design.

Then I develop the ideas, sketch out my concepts, bearing in mind the style, layout, shapes, colour scheme, and textures.
Whether it is the tiny details or the whole design, I always refer to my sketches as often as possible as they inspire me to develop the design while also carrying out in-depth research relating to the design problems that surface as this inspires me and helps me discover solutions, as well as using previous design innovations that may assist me with my design solutions.
This time I had to stay away from continuously thinking about the design, as the ideas were just streaming out and I couldn’t decide the path I wanted to take. So I stayed away from consciously thinking about it, allowing the concept to form in my subconscious. Then visual concepts come into my mind, in this case, it was a “playground” and more specifically its colours, which is why I implemented a colour palette for this concept as a base, as shown in the images.
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Finally, I solidify my roadmap, which guided me through the design process.
The above goes hand in hand with carrying out site analysis, which I will briefly give an idea of what I do.
I go to site and take numerous photos, note book, tape measure, have a good feel for the space, accessibility, views, existing vegetation, levels, materials, state of building repairs, existing style should reflect on my design, historical/heritage/conservation area, sustainability electricity, drainage and telephone lines/internet.
Anything I can use to inform my design.

In this case, I haven’t created a Presentation Board. I have only requested YELKRAB STUDIOS  to model my concept design and use Photoshop where necessary.

I must thank James Mathurin for the use of his artwork at reception Digital HD LED video display, the Screen and Locker room
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and Jim Chen for using his photography on the Screen, Metting Room walls and his Optical work on Test Play rooms.
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