Daya Heller

Daya Heller is an artist working in Cape Town, South Africa. Her work reveals inner and outer experience through the body. She finds inspiration exploring the human physical form in mediums of sculpture, painting and drawing, together with cyclical nature, and dualities.

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“My work has always revolved around the cyclical nature of life, death and rebirth, the alchemical metamorphosis of human experience, aspiration and ascension. The fynbos drops symbolise water falling down and plants growing up, two fundamental directions in the cycle of nature. As the plant fragments are preserved, and eternally captured in their magnified beauty, though no longer living, there is a reference to death and the momentary.” says Daya Heller

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She creates unique handmade glass drops from indigenous fynbos which is perfectly encapsulated by using a resin which completely seals in the sun-dried fynbos plants. Given how delicate they are, she does so with extreme precision, passion and care.

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