Roche Bobois – Paris

Roche Bobois is a joint venture formed by two families – Roche (French) who distributed contemporary furniture which was inspired by Bauhaus designers such as Minvielle, Steiner, Airbourne, Pierre Paulin and Marc Berthier. The other family is Chouchan (Russian) who owned a showroom called “Au Beau Bois” in 1961.

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Most interesting is the wide variety of collections with a perfect balance between pleasure, beauty and practical development by many international designers, artists and architects, either big names and rising ones. This combination together with the know-how establishes and maintains its international brand name.
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The above images are from the exclusive designs of leading fashion designers –Jean Paul Gaultier – Dentelle, Kiss, Tatoo, Calligraphie pattern fabrics.  Missoni Home’s fabrics- Ionic Zigzag, fun and refine floral prints. Sonia Rykiel-Ionic large and colourful Strips
Each Roche Bobois piece has its own attitude where creativity, audaciousness, invention and talent embrace each other. One can personalise with the selection of shapes, colours, leathers, fabrics etc. Since all industries are becoming increasingly aware of the impact on the environment, it was enlightening to learn how they incorporate high quality with the environmentally friendly criteria’s managed by software ECO8  which is based on four stages of the product lifecycle. As per the below images  – SAGA ( table, console and sideboard) and LEGEND (bookshelf in solid Burgundy oak) source from sustainably managed forest. Both designed by Christophe Delcourt.

The Roche Bobois values are a “blend of creativity, customization and responsibility“. Other notable Roche Bobois quotes, “This is what we do: inspiration, know-how, people, Art and life.”
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New collection 2017
To make a piece of furniture means to create an the art of living- “art de vivre”. “All furniture pieces are designed to be wholly customized and to suit every varying taste, giving free range to the client’s imagination, with a variety of sizes, materials, colours, finishes, which is a big advantage if one only wants to combine with existing pieces.
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Roche Bobois has a virtual museum where one can see the first designs and the developments over the years such as the Lounge Sofa (the beginnings of “ ground level living”) becoming the legendary Mah Jong Sofa.
We can also recognise the internationally renowned French architect Jean Nouvel, winner of many prestigious awards and one of my favourite architects (see architecture and interior design blogs). Jean Nouvel created for Roche Bobois a lacquered table and a sideboard-column; creations of such a collection based on the principle of forms and focusing on the circle, a symbol of simplicity.

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Roche Bobois has two collections: ‘Les Contemporains” and “Les Nouveaux Classiques”.
‘Les Contemporains ”  is adaptable and personalise to the new trends in at your fingertips lifestyle where creativity and innovations can never rest. They are categorised into nine portions groups: Poptimism, Elegant by nature, Purespace, Mah Jong, Sculpturism, Ultramobile, Mixculture, Forever Leather and Element’air. One can experience this remarkable collection in the Design Catalogue, L’arte de Vivre by Rocha Bobois and experiment with the interactive electronic catalogue.
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” Les Nouveaux Classiques”  has no time period, nor are they a trend, they are a consolidation of each era which embraces today’s living space and pace. They are inspired by 18th and 20th century French furniture, each piece was reimagined and daringly combined tradition, know-how, materials, colours and creativity. They are categorised into four portions groups: Neolodging, Delicatmosphere, Hausmania and Aristocharm.One can experience this timeless collection in the Catalogue Nouveaux Classiques, L’arte de Vivre by Rocha Bobois and experiment with the interactive electronic catalogue as well.
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Any  Roche Bobois opening comes with a celebration, in this case,  the reopening of the Harbour Master’s Office at the Port of Saint-Tropez, France. Furnished in white and turquoise tones by Roche Bobois in collaboration with Riva.
“French Art De Vivre”
Information sourceAll images©Roche Bobois